Jewels as Light as a featherSterling Silver - Plated Gold

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Ô plum candle, the last innovating product of the brand
Specialized in High Fantasy Jewel, for jewels as light as a feather, Ô plum decided to complete its product line, by a beautiful candle.
Amber and Vanilla Scents give to this opal grey colored candle a sugared scent, in a luxurious black and gold italian and jewel box like packaging. The french-made candle lays delicately in a beautiful Poland blowed glass.
In real vachetta leather, the MORGAN purse already existing in 5 colors (burgundy, dark green, nude, electric blue and iron), is now available in 5 more summer colors.
Light blue and green, bronze, blackcurrant and middle pink are the new summer colors. Three inside pockets for this little purse of 6cm x 7cm, easy to carry some change or to keep your jewels when you go out for a week-end.

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